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Certificate in Actuarial Mathematics

An actuary is a professional with skills in assessing the financial consequences of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries apply knowledges not only in the fields of mathematics and statistics but also finances and economics to solve problems related to risks, uncertainties, and financial impacts of undesirable events.

Over the past five years, actuary has consistently been rated as one of the top five jobs in terms of competitive income, level of stress, and work environment (according to a job ranking website)

About the Certificate

The Certificate in Actuarial Mathematics at MUIC is designed to provide students with broad training in the mathematics of actuarial science. Courses cover materials necessary for several examinations of the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries, which are required in professional certification of an actuary.

List of Courses

To obtain the certificate, students must complete the following courses:

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