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AM Program



ICMA 445 Seminar in Applied Mathematics

Student presentations and discussions of research; review of topics.

Course Syllabus


Course Timeline

Weeks Activities
1 Introduction
2 Present papers
3 - 11 Mini talks
Submit reports*
12 Main presentations
Submit final reports*


  • Students must submit their reports 3 days prior to their main presentations.
  • After the presentation, students make necessary corrections (if any) and submit the final report within 3 days of their presentation date.


Category Proportion
Attendance 10%
Mini talks 35%
Main presentation 35%
Report 20%
Total 100%


  • Choose a mathematical research paper on topics of your interest.
  • The journal of the paper should be Q3 or above and the publication year should be 2000 or later.

Mini talks

  • About 20-30 minutes each.
  • Talk about background materials and technical details of the paper.
  • Plan your own series of talks. We give you freedom on this but we will let you know if you are too far off-topic and should come back on track.
  • You can use PowerPoint. But we recommend you learn to use Beamer (LaTeX document class). You can find a lot of Beamer templates at

Main Presentation

  • You have 30 minutes to present about your paper.
  • There is no need to talk about background materials here (you have already done that in the mini talks). Focus on the paper.


  • At least 3 days before your main presentation, you must submit your report so we can read it and give you feedbacks at the presentation.
  • The report should be in final version already.
  • After the presentation, incoporate the feedbacks/corrections you receive in your report and submit the final report for grading no later than 3 days after the presentation.
  • The report must include the following:
    • Cover page - with your name, student ID, course name, etc.
    • Abstract - with your own words, not copy and paste from the paper
    • Table of contents
    • Conclusion - with your own words
    • References


Websites for papers search

Website for journals ranking

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